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Bing Maps Imagery?

Did Abadata recently switch to "Bing Maps" imagery? In general the Valtus imagery was much better.
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  • Hi Scott,
    Yes, we made the switch in December because we were concerned about the lack of updates we were seeing in the Valtus imagery that we were using.  A large portion of the Valtus imagery was more than four years old and not really being updated very often.  After doing some checking, we found that the Bing imagery was much more up to date and still featured the higher resolution similar to the Valtus images.
    In making the choice to switch, image quality was certainly an issue.  However, in doing spot checking all over the province, we found that the Bing imagery featured good-quality imagery that you are able to zoom in on.  I'm sure there are locations where the image quality of the Valtus imagery might be better, but we also consistently found that the Bing imagery was significantly more current than Valtus, usually by several years.  The attached image demonstrates what we found pretty consistently; on the left is a site at 04-20-034-08 W4M with the Bing imagery turned on in AbaData 2.0.  On the right is the same location in original AbaData, showing the Valtus image for the same location - which is from 2011.  


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