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Well status field in downloaded shapefile does not match up with wells in map viewer.

I downloaded a shapefile of wells in the Cold Lake area and I have noticed that the well status field shows a lot of wells as "Unknown". When I check the wells on the map itself it shows the proper well status and doesn't say unknown. Why is there a difference from the downloaded shapefile to what is shown in the map viewer?
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  • Ed Davis (Official Rep) July 26, 2017 19:59
    Hi Gordon,
    The attribute data that comes with the shapefile download done via the map is abbreviated a bit from the main well data available from a well report or on the well information screen.  The data we receive from the AER contains several status columns and the status column we use in the well infomation screen has 150 different statuses so it is a bit too granular to use as a status that the well symbol will be based on.  Rather than create 150 different symbols for the shape file, we use the general status in the shape file download, meaning it is a more general status used to determine the well symbol.  As you noticed, it may not match the status on the same well opened in the map viewer.  The shape file download from the map is intended as a basic way for some users to plot some of the features of AbaData into their own mapping, but the attribute data does not contain the level of detail available in a well report in AbaData or within the information that is included in a shape file subscription with us.
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